Newly Engaged Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season of joy, and love is in the air as we navigate the festive landscape. With the holidays quickly approaching, spread the magic of the season! Give these gifts to share your excitement for newly engaged couples heading on their journey toward forever. If you find yourself trying to figure out the perfect gift to celebrate this occasion, fear not! This blog post is your guide to the perfect presents for those who recently said “yes.” Join us as we unwrap a curated collection with this newly engaged holiday gift guide!

1. House Cleaning Gift Certificate

With wedding planning and festivities on the horizon, couples can appreciate the convenience of a professionally cleaned home. A clean space will allowthem to focus on each other and the joyous moments ahead. This gift is both practical and considerate and genuinely valuable contribution to their well-being and happiness. If you’re in the Nashville area, consider using Angel Maids!

2. Custom Engaged Christmas Ornament

Source: Little Shiny Gifts on Etsy

Custom engaged Christmas ornaments make for a heartwarming and personalized gift for newly engaged couples. They capturing the essence of their love during the festive season! These ornaments, adorned with the couple’s names, engagement date, or a special message, become keepsakes that can be found on their holiday tree for years to come. This decoration will serve as a beautiful reminder of the magical moment they decided to spend their lives together. It’s a unique and sentimental token that adds extra joy to their first Christmas as an engaged couple. You can order the one pictured by clicking here.

3. Couples Massage

This thoughtful gesture not only provides a blissful break from wedding preparations but also strengthens the bond between the couple as they embark on their journey toward marriage. The soothing atmosphere and shared tranquility create lasting memories, making it a truly special and rejuvenating present to celebrate their love during the festive season. To find some amazing couples massage spots in Nashville, check out this article!

4. Cooking Class

This interactive experience not only enhances their kitchen skills but also fosters teamwork and communication, setting a wonderful foundation for their future life as a married couple. As they create delicious dishes side by side, the cooking class becomes a memorable and enjoyable way to celebrate their engagement and embark on a shared culinary adventure. If you’re in the Nashville area, check out some local upcoming classes here.

5. Couples Mini Photo Session

A couples mini photo shoot is a fantastic gift for newly engaged couples, offering them a chance to capture the magic and excitement of this special time in their lives. It provides not only stunning photographs but also a memorable experience filled with laughter and genuine moments, and there are tons of photographers offering mini-sessions during the holiday months! The photos from this session become cherished mementos, preserving the joy and love shared during their engagement, making it a thoughtful and enduring gift.

6. Flower Arrangement

Sending a beautifully crafted flower arrangement is a timeless and elegant way to congratulate newly engaged couples during the holidays. The vibrant blooms not only add festive cheer but also symbolize the blossoming love between the couple. This classic gift is a gesture of celebration, bringing a touch of nature’s beauty to their joyous occasion and conveying warm wishes as they embark on their journey towards marriage.

7. Custom Mr & Mrs Christmas Stockings

Source: YourBabysRoom on Etsy

T​​hese stockings, adorned with their respective titles and perhaps their engagement date, become a festive symbol of their commitment and shared celebrations. Hanging side by side, they serve as a delightful reminder of the joyous moments leading up to their wedding, making it a heartwarming and thoughtful holiday gift. Check out these stockings on Etsy here.

8. Custom Doormat With New Last Name

Photo Source: Wood By Stu On Etsy

This personalized touch adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to their home! . Every time they enter their home, the custom mat becomes a charming reminder of their commitment to each other. They will be reminded of the joyous moments leading up to their marriage, making it a thoughtful and meaningful holiday present. Grab one like the one pictured here.

9. Favorite Baked Good/Dessert

Who doesn’t love sweet’s for the holiday season! Whether it’s a decadent cake, a box of gourmet cookies, or a selection of pastries, this gesture not only satisfies their sweet tooth but also demonstrates a thoughtful consideration of their tastes. It’s a delightful way to share in the joy of the season, offering a tasty treat that adds a touch of warmth and celebration to their festive moments.

10. Mr & Mrs Coffee Mugs

Source: Golden Circle Gifts on Etsy

A Mr. and Mrs. coffee mug set is a delightful and practical holiday gift for newly engaged couples, bringing a touch of joy to their mornings as they start their days together. These charming mugs, adorned with the titles “Mr.” and “Mrs.,” not only serve as a daily reminder of their newfound commitment but also make sipping coffee or tea a shared and intimate ritual. It’s a simple yet meaningful way to celebrate their engagement and infuse a dash of warmth into their daily routines during the festive season.

11. Homemade Bread and Jam Gift Basket

Sending a homemade bread and jam set to newly engaged couples is a heartwarming holiday gift that combines the warmth of homemade treats with the sweetness of shared moments. This thoughtful gesture not only provides a delicious taste of comfort but also reflects the care and effort put into creating something special for the couple as they embark on their journey together.

12. Mr & Mrs Sweatshirts

Mr. and Mrs. matching sweatshirts make for a cozy and delightful holiday gift for newly engaged couples, offering a touch of warmth and unity during the festive season. These matching sweaters not only provide comfort but also celebrate the joy of their engagement, creating a fun and festive way for the couple to showcase their newly united status.

13. Small Ring Dish

Photo Source:

A lovely and practical gift for newly engaged couples, a ring dish serves as a charming keepsake to hold and protect their precious engagement ring. This thoughtful gesture not only adds a touch of elegance to their daily routine but also provides a designated and safe place for their rings, creating a meaningful and functional reminder of their commitment.

14. Throw Blanket & House Slippers for Him & Her

14. Throw Blanket & House Slippers For Him & Her


A throw blanket and matching house slippers create a cozy holiday gift. The blanket provides warmth, while the slippers add comfort, inviting relaxation during the festive season. Newly engaged couples can look forward to enjoying special moments together.

16. Champagne and Matching Champagne Flutes

Gift a bottle of champagne with elegant flutes for a celebratory and thoughtful present for newly engaged couples. It’s the perfect way to mark their joyous engagement with a sparkling toast. Check out these custom ones on Etsy!

Imbrace the holiday season, full of love and celebration, with our newly engaged holiday gift guide! Find the perfect presents to warm their hearts. Whether it’s a practical house cleaning gift certificate or sentimental custom-engraved ornaments, these gifts will leave a lasting impression. From cozy matching sweatshirts to elegant champagne flutes, these thoughtful gestures are sure to delight. Let your gifts remind them of the joy and love that the holiday season brings as they start this beautiful chapter. Here’s to a season of love, laughter, and cherished memories!

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